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Taking A Stand Against A Heartless Tradition - Protesting Garden Bros Circus

We have been investigating circuses for years. Over time we have watched the foundation of the animal entertainment industry slowly crumble, as the cruel and inhumane treatment of circus animals has been exposed.

Many circuses are ending their animal acts, but some still insist on upholding their family tradition of exploiting animals for profit. One such circus is the Garden Bros Circus, who has over the years racked up a series of animal cruelty charges and has changed their name multiple times.

On October 13th, 2018, we held two protests in Jacksonville, FL, against Garden Bros Circus, and sent one of our investigators inside to get footage of their show.

Our Executive Director, Adam, was approached during our second protest by a gentleman who had just come out of the first show. He explained to Adam that what he witnessed during the lion & tiger show was animal abuse and stated he would not be returning. A then very disgruntled woman who overheard the conversation and who happened to be the niece of the lion and tiger owners viciously interjected proclaiming that Adam was lying and the lions and tigers are well cared for!

For the record, the lions and tigers at Garden Bros Circus are caged for over 22 hours a day, the only semblance of freedom they get is during their performance time, at which they are repeatedly whipped in the name of entertainment.

The lions and tigers are not the only animals that suffer at the hands of this circus. Camels, elephants, and horses are also subjected to the inherent cruelty of Garden Bros Circus.

Garden Bros Circus employees have reached out to us and expressed concern over GBC's withholding of food & water from animals to prevent having to clean up their waste. In Texas, a camel passed out due to possible heat exhaustion/dehydration.

We want to thank everyone that attended our protests and all of those who have signed and shared our petition.

It's time to end circus abuse!

Please sign and share our petition: https://www.change.org/p/garden-bros-circus-garden-bros-circus-stop-exploiting-animals-for-entertainment

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