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Professional Drone Services

OneProtest's drone technology revolutionizes how we can help you advocate for change. Our drone services can take your mission to the next level. Our UAS remote pilot is FAA certified to fly under Part 107 (Small UAS Rule). 

Photographs and video documentation can deliver compelling proof for criminal cases, expose horrific animal crimes, inhumane treatment, violations, egregious acts, and the list goes on. OneProtest's team has assisted with gathering photo and video evidence while documenting events during animal rescue and recovery missions, investigations, illegal slaughterhouse raids, environmental impact cases, and counter-poaching operations. Our pictures and videos have been used to further prosecute animal abusers and illegal animal operations, expose the cruelty involved in animal exploitive industries, and establish fines for animal welfare violations and unlawful activity.


We employ the use of our drones for a multitude of reasons.

  • Under-cover Investigations

  • Anti-poaching Efforts

  • Aerial Photography

  • Journalism and Film

  • Surveillance of Illegal Activity

  • Environmental Impact Reporting

  • Aerial Inspections

  • Orthomosaic Mapping




All footage shot simultaneously on the Zenmuse H20T during field testing 

Zoom View

Radiometric Thermal View 

Wide Angle View

we are using drones to save wetlands

One Protest provided drone services that helped fight a proposed 500ft dock in my neighborhood. The drone footage was key to the case as it gave all involved a great visual as to the environmental damage that would be caused if the dock were to be built. We were able to successfully settle the dispute and preserve the ecosystem, the drone footage was key to a successful outcome. 

- Richard Burke

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