About Us

Why we fight!


We're fighting on the front lines to protect animals imperiled by abuse and exploitation. We not only protest their inhumane treatment, but we also investigate and expose it, and we fight hard to end it.  Many great activist groups across the United States and around the world share our commitment to animal welfare. Our organization seeks to leverage a decade of marketing and protesting experience and create a roadmap to help those activists make lasting change within and beyond their communities. By providing assistance in strategic planning, design/marketing consulting, and protest planning; we can empower others to be even more effective in their campaigns.


We've led a national coalition of activists to fight, and successfully stop the, 2016, 2017, and 2018  bear hunts in Florida and will continue to take that fight across the U.S. and beyond by creating a national network of bear defender chapters.



Meet Our Team

Adam Sugalski - Founding Board Member/Executive Director 

Adam is an animal protection warrior who has most recently lead a national coalition of activists to fight and successfully STOP the 2016 bear hunt in Florida. Adam believes strongly in utilizing professional activism to raise public awareness and end the cruelest forms of animal abuse. Adam is also dedicated to supporting activists across the nation by sharing his wealth of experience in mobilizing the strong voice of the people to stand up and affect real change. Adam brings many years of experience in building and supporting a plethora of national and local non-profits dedicated to animal protection, hands-on undercover work, and a strong artist background to his fight for those least able to fight for themselves. Adam is also regularly called upon to speak on national radio, television, and at academic institutions. Adam is a published author and the winner of the 2016 Matthew Eyton Animal Activist Award.

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Nicole Cordano - Board Member/Campaign Director

Nicole is a lifelong animal rights activist and environmentalist, who directs and coordinates OneProtest's campaigns, and other outreach events. As an herbalist and vegan, Nicole has dedicated her life to helping people, animals and the environment through the use of plants and education. She has been researching and practicing herbalism for over 16 years, and creates herbal remedies for both humans and animals alike. Nicole believes that teaching others the reality of their actions and the implications such actions have on both the animals and the environment, will inspire them to lead a more compassionate life.

Jason Engle - Board Member/Creative Director 

Jason is world renowned for his work in the publishing and games markets for the past 19 years, and his work has graced the covers of some of the biggest brands in entertainments over that time. He has also worked in independent film, miniatures, fashion design, web design, comics, concept art, fine art, and provided hundreds of covers to books, games, albums, and toys, and displayed his work in gallery shows across the country.


He has contributed work to such brands as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Magic the Gathering, League of Legends, Everquest, Dungeons & Dragons, and many, more.


Ashley Berke - Board Member/Communications Director

Ashley brings over ten years launching large-scale events and grassroots marketing campaigns. She has worked on the production of UCF Homecoming concerts, the Vans Warped Tour, the Florida Music Festival, and the SuperGirl Pro (world's largest female pro surfing event). Ashley served in a community organizing fellowship with Organizing for America during the 2012 presidential campaign and now applies those critical strategies in her advocacy efforts. In partnership with Florida Tech, she implemented and eco-initiative, to reduce event waste and make the Florida Marathon among the greenest in the nation. Her passion is in creating more awareness about animal and environmental issues to help others make more mindful choices in their daily lives.

Tamara Blazquez Haik - Board Member/International Campaign Manager 

Tamara is a wildlife and nature photographer from Mexico City, Mexico. She studied photography at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía in Mexico City and has worked with raptors for three years in rehabilitating and caring for them. Tamara is also internationally certified to work with wildlife both free and in zoos. Tamara also volunteered at the San Juan de Aragon Zoo, where she learned about falconry She decided to take action against zoos and speak for animals both in the wild and in captivity after she saw the mistreatment and death of zoo animals.


Tamara's work as a photographer has been published in several magazines and art shows, and most recently one of her photographs was ranked in the top 100 at the URBAN Photo Awards 2016.  She is also working with Proyecto Gran Simio Mexico organization which is working hard to shine a light on the zoos situation and change it to save the animals' lives and create a social conscience and promote conservation.

Peri Sedigh, Esq. -  Board Member/Intellectual Property and Copyright

Attorney Peri Sedigh practices law in Central Florida and is admitted to the Florida Bar and the

Federal Middle District.


She is a member of the Animal Law Section of the Florida Bar and was the President of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund at her law school chapter. In addition to a J.D., Ms. Sedigh also holds a M.Ed., and is a professor at Valencia teaching business practices, contracts, copyright, the art of negotiating, and intellectual property. Although Ms. Sedigh practices a wide range of law, she is most passionate about animal law and the rights of animals and nature, social justice and civil rights. She has been an activist and advocate for over three decades.

Ms. Sedigh loves spending time with animals in nature, and with her two dogs Jasmine and Blue. 

Aura Eulenfeld - Lead Investigator

Aura Eulendeld is a Florida-based photographer and videographer with a B.F.A. in photography from the Art Institute of Jacksonville. She has worked undercover with many organizations such as PETA and A.R.M., documenting and photographing circus abuse, puppy mills, illegal slaughter farms and more. Her work has been used in marketing campaigns, protest literature, posters, and videos to help bring awareness to animal abuse. Aura hopes by visually exposing the truth about animal abuse, there will be greater awareness, compassion, and motivation towards a global change to the end the abuse and exploitation of animals.

Our Advisory Board

Krista Hiddema - Strategy and Media Relations

Krista is a dedicated social justice activist, with a background in the for-profit sector. 

Krista is the President of the Board of Directors for Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, the home of Esther the Wonder Pig, and also spent six years as the Vice President for Mercy For Animals.


Krista is also a dedicated academic and is pursuing her doctorate in Social Justice.


Krista is committed to being the voice of the voiceless, and through reason, compassion, and tenacity, works to make lasting changes for animals.


Please visit Krista at www.KristaHiddema.com.

Courtney Dillard - Community Organizing and Strategic Communications

Courtney Dillard has been a Continuing Instructor at Willamette University in the Civic Communication and Media Department since 2002. Her research and teaching focuses on persuasion and social change, particularly as it pertains to the animal and environmental movements. In that same year she and her brother Carter, a lawyer for ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund), started Four Feet Forward, a 501c3 focused on linking pro bono consultants with skills in communication, law and graphic design with small animal advocacy organizations. In 2006, Courtney went on to create Common Good Persuasion, a strategic communication consulting agency primarily working with nonprofits. She has completed projects with a variety of national animal advocacy groups, as well as with regional organizations such as Multnomah County Animal Services. In her spare time she and her husband Matt organize a biennial spay and neuter clinic in Huanchaco, Peru.

Chris Norcott - Wildlife Photography

Chris Norcott grew up in Canton, MA, where he spent much of his childhood exploring natural wonders and searching for birds, amphibians, reptiles and the occasional stray rabbit. His desire to share his love for wildlife and nature eventually led him to photography. Now living in just outside the Great Smoky Mountains NP, Chris travels throughout the country photographing wildlife, landscapes, and of course his favorite subject, bears.