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all ANIMALS deserve to be treated with respect 

We fight for creatures great and small. Delve into our campaigns to learn how we are saving lives. 

Bear Defenders

We are on a mission to pioneer a road-map that will lead people through the process of ending bear hunting in their State. Our strategic and all-encompassing approach arms bear defenders with the education and resources needed to stop bear hunting in their State and safeguard the future existence of bears.

Shark Watch

Shore-based shark fishing (SBSF) is an adrenaline-fueled sport practiced by a small segment of the fishing community. Shark fishing typically takes place at night and the fishermen often use kayaks to drop bloody baits out past the surf line. New shore-based shark fishing rules go into effect on July 1st, 2019. We are launching a state-wide "Shark Watch" program to monitor and track shark fishermen to make sure the new rules are enforced. 

One Poster

Professional protest signs on a grassroots budget

If you’re a warrior for animals – fighting to protect those imperiled by abuse and exploitation – you need to be armed with the most powerful tools available.

Protecting Sea Turtles

The mandate of N.E.S.T. is to ensure that laws to protect endangered sea turtle habitat are vigorously and uniformly enforced, and to advocate for new ones, if needed.  Balloon releases and large holes being dug and left on the beach are examples of activities that need to be restricted by ordinance or legislative action. ​

Saving the Goliath Groupers

The economic gain from eco-tourism dive operators in Florida far exceeds the one-time charge of $300 FWC purposes to charge to be able to kill this critically endangered Goliath Grouper. Goliath Groupers are actually ecological engineers that create more life in both diversity and abundance all around them just by existing, same as the wolves of Yellowstone Park.

Free Ely

Since 2013, 369 animals have died in the zoo, mostly due to negligence, unprepared, incompetent medical staff, and poorly-skilled, poorly-trained keepers. The zoo’s authorities themselves seem to be apathetic towards their own animals, and that indifference will only lead to more suffering and abuse.

Circus Facts

Our team has been fighting circuses for over 16 years. Creating cutting edge posters and literature, staging successful protests, online petitions, community engagement, and eye-opening investigations. Our team is the circus industry's worst nightmare.

SeaQuest Abuse

SeaQuest has a track record of poorly run establishments coupled with an extensive history of animal welfare offenses and public safety violations. Hundreds of animals have perished as a result of SeaQuest’s negligence, and a number of people have reported injuries due to their contact with wildlife at SeaQuest.​

Puppy Mill Hell

Puppy Mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding facilities that operate for the sole purpose of making a profit. The care and well-being of dogs at puppy mills is not a priority; dogs are treated as commodities. Dogs are kept in unsanitary, overcrowded conditions, which do not supply adequate food or water to support the quality of life.

Safari Club International

SCI alleges its primary mission is to protect the freedom to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation, yet they have ties to the energy industry which includes mining, drilling, and logging all of which are a detriment to the environment and wildlife. SCI’s affiliation with these industries is an apparent conflict of interest with the hunters and anglers who are their prime constituents, as well as, their claim of being conservation driven.

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